Can I use Audienceprime without having an onboarding requirement? I do not have any 1st party data of my own. I am looking for relevant audiences for my marketing campaigns.

Yes. If you’re only looking for relevant audience segments for your marketing campaigns, you can still come aboard and choose from our data marketplace (Audience Market). Data onboarding is not a mandatory use case for qualification.

For starters, Audienceprime never takes PIIs or user data in unencrypted format. Data gets ingested in Audienceprime platform only in encrypted (SHA-256 hashing) format thereby ensuring that there is no PIIs in the system.

You can read more about our Privacy policy HERE (click to link:

No. Your data is your own and will be private and actionable only to you. It won’t be visible or accessible to others.

Audience Market is the data marketplace where you can find audience segments made available for purchase and activation by premium and verified data provided. Audienceprime verifies authenticity and data integrity before it is made available in the data marketplace. Our data providers belong to diverse category from Travel and Online Booking to Gaming, Sports and Finance domains together contributing unprecedented reach and scale.

Yes. Audienceprime has end-to-end-campaign creation and optimisation capabilities which means you can create audiences, buy relevant segments and activate them as targeted campaigns all within a single dashboard. We serve your campaigns across multiple digital supply platforms and social channels.

Yes. You can monetise your data by registering with our sister product AudiencePlay. Check it out HERE

No. Data privacy guidelines do not allow this. The segments you purchase from our data marketplace can be activated as targeted campaigns through Audienceprime’s campaign activation feature.

We’ll also be rolling out the feature to activate these data segments directly to your own buyer seats in your preferred platforms (Google DBM, AppNexus etc)