Creating solutions that amplify your business growth

We are determined to add prominent value to brands and marketers by empowering them achieve audience-centric marketing

Audienceprime is launched in the year 2017

Bringing the most advanced technology & solutions for brands & agencies in Indian marketing ecosystem, where the martech & adtech stacks are still nascent


Ever since it has forayed into the market

Audienceprime is helping brands to successfully resolve some of their most challenging advertising complexities : determining their offline consumers in the online environment, acquiring highly powerful & relevant audience segments from Audience markets, and omni channel audience-centric marketing with super efficiency.

Consumer-centric online marketing capabilities

By helping brands understand consumers deeply across their journey in offline and online channels through unified consumer identifiers, Audienceprime opens up new opportunities for brands where they can expand and enhance their consumer-centric online marketing capabilities.


Data Privacy

Driving privacy compliant and world-class solutions to market, Audienceprime is the industry-leading MAD-tech platform (Marketing & advertising technology) in India and best known for its finest quality of Audience data security.