What you can do with Audienceprime

Offline Customers

Onboarding: Identify and reach your offline customers online. Get a single unified view of your customers by bringing together your offline and online data.

Advanced audience segments

Identify and define customer traits relevant for your business. Create your own audience segments for efficient targeting and better insights.

Audiences Purchase

Find and reach new audiences Purchase and activate premium, verified 3rd party audience segments from our data marketplace: Audience Market.

Audience targeting

Enrich your own data by augmenting rich and diverse 3rd party data from our Audience Market. Mix and match to create custom tailored audiences.

Media Activation

Media Activation: Make your data actionable by running tailored audience campaigns across various digital channels-Display, Social, Email etc Reach your target audience across multiple touch points.

privacy and security at audienceprime

Explore all data based marketing possibilities without worrying about privacy and security. Audienceprime provides you a safe haven to manage and activate data.

Multichannel marketing made seamless

Omnichannel marketing

Where you can activate your Audience Segments


Programmatic targeting


Email marketing


SMS marketing


Social media marketing


OTT Platforms

And many more...

How it works


Onboard your first party data

Bring in your offline CRM data and online app/site visitor data to Audienceprime Unify your 1st party data


Purchase 3rd Party Audiences

Have no 1st party data? No problem!! Buy 3rd party audience segments from our data marketplace


Create advanced segments

Augment your own segment with relevant 3rd party segments Simple and easy to perform segment creation and data activation workflows


Activate your

Reach your target audience through tailored and effective campaigns activated directly through Audienceprime

Make your marketing Audience-centric with the ultimate solutions of Audienceprime